Apprenticeship : Optimization of different cathode materials

Bordeaux Apprenticeship (12 Months)

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About Automotive Cells Company - ACC

ACC (Automotive Cells Company) was created in the summer of 2020 by Saft, PSA and Opel, this joint venture is the concrete expression of their desire to combine their know-how to create a major player in the development and production of batteries for the automotive industry at the highest level of performance from 2023. The Apprenticeship will take place in ACC’s Expertise center in Bruges near Bordeaux (33) and the missions are detailed below.

Job description

To guarantee the quality of our products and investigate innovative materials, different formulations and tests need to be performed.

The main tasks of the intern will be the following:

1- Optimization of cathode formulations, and evaluation of different liquid electrolytes

2- Production of electrochemical data for each formulation in coin and pouch cell formats

3- Comparison of results and selection of the most promising recipes (Active material grades, liquid electrolytes, etc.)

The final purpose will be for ACC to have a direct correlation between cathode formulations and performances, as well as to enhance the cycling behavior of its batteries.

The trainee will be integrated in the Chemical Innovation Team and his/her missions will be to prepare and evaluate different cathode materials. This Apprenticeship will be under the supervision of an engineer and chemical technician. In addition to improving the formulation of cathode slurries, the trainee will have to establish a clear correlation between the formulations and the use of different liquid electrolytes, and the performances of these cathode materials.




You will start your 3rd year of chemistry degree in university or equivalent. You are looking for a 1-year Apprenticeship with a focus on chemistry and process.


You have a good grounding in materials formulation. Having a basic knowledge on battery materials and electrochemical testing is a plus.


Beyond your chemical know-how, your rigor, organization, communication skills, and your passion for innovation will contribute to your success within ACC.

Apprenticeship (12 Months)
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