Deputy Manager Chemical Industrialization (F/M)

Bordeaux CDI

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About Automotive Cells Company - ACC

About Automotive Cells Company - ACC

Join us and be a pioneer for a green transport revolution.

Automotive Cells Company (ACC) is one of Europe’s newest and most exciting high-tech companies. Backed by Saft-Total and Stellantis-Opel, ACC is set to power the future of the automotive industry by innovating in battery technology.


We aim to produce sustainable, affordable, high-capacity, longer-life batteries as a cleaner alternative to current energy sources. We create an R&D center and new state-of-the art facility in France (New Aquitaine), with gigafactories to be built in Hauts de France and Germany. 

We need a range of skilled and agile people to bring our vision to life, especially in the areas of industrialization, mechanical design, testing/prototyping and any other function of a new-born company. If you’re looking to take your career further than you imagined, if you’re passionate about creating cleaner transport, we’d like to hear from you.

Accelerating sustainable mobility for all.

Job description

-         To recruit people in relation with different Industrialization projects

-         To contribute to technical supplier choices durin RFI / RFQ (with Purchasing team), including European Sourcing

-         To manage the Design of Equipment according to Technical Specification

-         To supply building/utilities team and prepare installation plannings / supplier resources

-         To follow Equipment Suppliers from manufacturing / Factory Acceptance Test / installation / ramp up of equipment

-         To have a knowledge of chemical parameters on the process

-         To put in place and follow Indicators to measure the team Efficiency

-         To propose improvements to reach specifications or to be more stable (better yield)

-         In case of deviation, to participate on Problem Solving, involving if needed suppliers

-         To identify any risk in terms of cost, quality, … in case of new product to be manufactured and anticipate these risks on the equipment itself and adapt process accordingly.

-         To follow equipment updated designs in case of new products request such kinds of modification and to put in place these modifications

-         To compile all data related to Equipment in order to calculate the Total Cost of Ownership (Utilities consumptions, Man Power, …) to see the real economical interests of each equipment

-         To make a transversal analysis of all best practices in Manufacturing Plants

From a technical point of view :

-         To have experiences in slurries (related to paint, or other,…) and on parameters which impact the quality

-         To have experiences in thin layers deposit and /or extrusion

From a management point of view :

-         To build the Road Map / expectations of the Industrialization / Process team of manufacturing plant

-         To recruit Engineers & Technicians depending on Project phases (subcontractors, …)

-         To make ACC an Usine Excellente


  • Bachelor of Sciences in chemical, physical or mechanical engineering
  • English is mantadory
  • CE experiment is mandatory
  • > 10 years of experience in managing equipment design (manufacturing Engineering)
  • > 5 years of experience in Team Management
  • Experiences in integrating equipment in a full manufacturing line
  • To challenge Supplier plannings
  • To have a clear view of Equipment cost breakdown

Some extra skills which make the difference:

  • Previous experience in Lithium Batteries field
  • To have used to work with Asian suppliers

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