Process Modeling Engineer - Senior

Billy-Berclau, FranceCDI

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About  Automotive Cells Company - ACC

Automotive Cells Company (ACC) est une co-entreprise créée à l'été 2020 par Saft-Total, le Groupe PSA et Opel (devenus Stellantis depuis)et Mercedes-Benz. Notre ambition est de produire des batteries au meilleur niveau technologique tout en rendant la mobilité électrique accessible au plus grand nombre.
Pour donner vie à cette ambition, à la fois pour notre centre de R&D et notre ligne test en Nouvelle Aquitaine, mais aussi pour nos gigafactories dans les Hauts de France et en Allemagne nous recherchons des personnes compétentes et agiles, notamment dans les domaines aussi diverses et variés que la R&D, l'industrialisation, la conception mécanique, les tests/prototypages… et toute autre fonction d'une entreprise en pleine construction.
Si vous cherchez à faire évoluer votre carrière au-delà de ce que vous aviez imaginé, si vous êtes passionné par la création de transports plus propres, si rejoindre l'industrie du futur vous excite, n'hésitez plus et rejoignez nous.

Job description

The Process Modeling Engineer - Senior will model Unit process involved in Li-Ion production using model-based numerical simulations. He/she will develop numerical models based on the current knowledge on the physics involved, using commercial or in-house simulation tools; this may include a wide variety of physical phenomena such fluid dynamics, thermal dynamics, mechanical behavior or chemistry. He/she will identify the most relevant physical phenomena to model, and define a numerical strategy adapted to the internal customer’s need.
He/she will support design and scaling-up of new processes, answer to Industrial teams’ needs and contribute to the design of the experimental procedures required to calibrate his/her models.
He/she will be required to present the main results of his/her studies internally and to customers. He/she shall be up to date state of the art process simulation activities and manage external contracts and collaborations. He/she will manage his simulation environment.

As a Process Modeling Engineer you should be familiar with the following tasks:

  • Support in setting up and optimising pilot lines and gigafactories by modelling processes
  • Manage internal and external projects and contracts, while collaborating with internal teams (R&D, Industrialization, Projects, Simulation, …)
  • Adapt and Run 0D/1D/2D/3D models, based on a pre-identified set of physics-based equations, using pre-existing numerical tools or developing adapted in-house numerical models
  • Manage collaborations with suppliers, customers and strategic partners
  • Contribute to the company roadmap.
  • Be up to date to the state of the art on its topic of expertise.
  • Support Intellectual Property monitoring and propose innovative patentable concepts.


Know How

  • Excellent understanding of battery manufacturing processes
  • Excellent understanding of current technological limits
  • Excellent knowledge on CFD or mechanical modeling
  • Good basis of software development in Python and C
  • Porous material, phase change, material science elements
  • Problem solving methods

Minimum 3 years of experience in a similar job 


  • MSc with 3 years of experience or PhD with thesis
  • Fluent in English

Key behaviours

  • Analytical and synthetical skills
  • modelling
  • organization and time-management skills
  • customer focused
  • initiative
  • result and performance motivated
  • creativity
  • team spirit
  • autonomous
  • good communication and social skills

Some extra skills which could make the difference

  • DEM
  • Reduced order modeling
  • Notions in data science
  • problem solving methods (8D,...)
  • project management
  • French, any other languages

Some of our assets: A production site 30 minutes from Lille, Douai and Arras, equipped with cutting-edge technologies on which we train our joiners, in an international environment and surrounded by green spaces, participation in the launch of the first Gigafactory in France.

Other perks and advantages include: charging stations for electric vehicles, telecommuting, catering service delivered by Refectory with 7 euros/day paid by the employer, benefit of the retirement savings plan (subject to a salary threshold), complementary pension, free access to GoFLUENT (a language learning platform), etc.

Details about the job
Billy-Berclau, France
Research & innovation
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