Senior electrical automation engineer for FAT (F/M)


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About Automotive Cells Company - ACC

Join us and be a pioneer for a green transport revolution.

Automotive Cells Company (ACC) is one of Europe’s newest and most exciting high-tech companies. Backed by Saft-Total, Stellantis-Opel and Mercedes-Benz, ACC is set to power the future of the automotive industry by innovating in battery technology.


We aim to produce sustainable, affordable, high-capacity, longer-life batteries as a cleaner alternative to current energy sources. We create an R&D center and new state-of-the art facility in France (New Aquitaine), with gigafactories to be built in Hauts de France and Germany. 

We need a range of skilled and agile people to bring our vision to life, especially in the areas of industrialization, mechanical design, testing/prototyping and any other function of a new-born company. If you’re looking to take your career further than you imagined, if you’re passionate about creating cleaner transport, we’d like to hear from you.

Accelerating sustainable mobility for all.

Job description

As local electrical automation FAT leader of onsite in supplier

Leading electrical automation team (including internal and external support people) on supplier site

Provide FAT training with FAT checklist, general standards, specific requirements and so on to the team

Organize FAT activity ( AC, Pre-FAT, FAT) in electrical automation side, record and collect information and findings with defined format

Daily report to local FAT onsite leader and even regular report to supervisor in ACC France

Tracking M - LOP status and driving to be closed, contribution on improvement and problem solving, take responsible

Close working with internal team and supplier as well

Ensure the acceptable result of machine in electrical automation side via FAT

Go to France for support commissioning in France when sometime necessary

Join the review of electrical and automation system design from supplier together with ACC France, lessons learn from previous project

Accumulate FAT experience in electrical automation side and ability of deeply understanding of battery machines

Support on commissioning in France and SAT,

Support on electrical automation engineering review

Support on supplier sourcing and comparison, support SQE on machinery supplier and audit supplier

Support on project management, combine project management on supplier site

- build up enough FAT experience, ensure FAT activity smoothly and good result from FAT

- ensure implementation of internal generic standards and automation standards for machinery by supplier

- ensure realize of project function process and technical specification by professional working with supplier

- experience of professional technical solution for improvements and problem solving

- contribution to project management on supplier site with technical competence and team working attitude to get good control project schedule

- contribution to machine engineering and assembly and commissioning with internal team and supplier together, get right design and right procedures result

- good support with experience to process analysis and optimization, product quality analysis and improvements, machine performance and so on during pre-FAT and FAT

- good support on supplier sourcing and comparison and machinery supplier audit, ensure right selection of supplier together with purchasing

- work with ACC France to define and update right main components brands

- support maintenance dept on machine problem after SAT, problem fast speed fixed, improve machine reliability as well, ensure output from production


Above 10 years of electrical automation engineering, and 5 years of leading of technical group about FAT or commissioning, or electrical engineering or PLC programming or assembly & installation. Experiences in robot application and vision system, preferred laser application as well.

Dominant training and/or experience required:

Electrical control diagram and E-Plan, PLC programming and commissioning

Automation: siemens, omron +(safety), networks, industrial computing, cybersecurity

Robotics: Fanuc.

Transitic: handling, AGV/AMR, mechanization of machines, internal flow. Interface: automation of IS (MES, SCADA,...); sensors IOT; industrial computing. Team management

Knowledge of digital and transit technical solutions and SCADA and MES principles

Electrical components, electrical installation

Foreign language(s) required: English

Key behaviours:

Rigor, punctuality, teamwork. Ability to synthesize. Strong autonomy

Customer, performance and result focused

Team spirit with good interpersonal communication skills

Ability to anticipate

Extra skills that make a difference:

Expert in electrical control and PLC, automation, system integration.

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